The Psychology Of Clinical Psychology

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Clinical psychology is a branch of psychology that focuses on and diagnoses mental, emotional, and behavioural disorders. A clinical psychologist may specialise in certain disorders, including anxiety, depression, schizophrenia, personality disorders, and bipolar disorders. He or she may also provide counseling services to people who are struggling with divorces, relationship and emotional problems. Clinical psychological services include procedures to understand, predict, and relieve any forms of discomfort. This includes emotional, physical, and psychological distress, social and behavioral struggles, and mental illness. In addition, clinical psychology includes services to enhance functioning in all of these areas. Within this subdiscipline, several research techniques are applied. Clinical psychologists generally do not prescribe medication to treat disorders. If medication is necessary for a specific disorder, the patient is commonly referred to another mental health practitioner, such as a psychiatrist. In clinical psychology, various types of therapy are used as options instead. This includes cognitive behavioural therapy, family therapy, group therapy, and hypnotherapy. As an alternative to medication, these types of therapies focus on communicating with the patient to develop healthy coping strategies. Professionals in the field of clinical psychology specialise into two groups. First are the practitioners of this subdiscipline who work directly with their…
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