The Punishment And Capital Punishment Essay

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In the horizon, there are always heightened debates over issues with capital punishment in today judicial system. Today thirty-three states, along with the United Stated Government and U.S. military, have the power to legally take away someone’s life. Though it is very much illegal to take someone life within society, our state and federal government’s do the very same thing we are prohibited from doing. The first section in this paper, will be discussing the reason on why our governments allow capital punishment, relating to the deterrence of crimes such as murder. The deterrence of murder and capital punishment seem to only work if you over exercise capital punishment. Such evidence provided will show the difference in states that utilize capital punishment more than other states that have not abolished the deterrence method. The second section will be discussing the retribution relating to capital punishment. It also covers unanswered questions that relate to utilizing methods of execution on innocent people. The last section covers the Eighth Amendment violation relating to cruel and unusual punishment. It also discusses some of the botched executions that have been conducted over the years.
Recent studies by sociologist suggest that capital punishment and/or the death penalty, does not deter crimes such as murder . On the other hand, recent empirical studies conducted by economists suggest that capital punishment does deter crimes such as murder

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