The Purpose and Ideology of Education

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The purpose and ideology of education

There is no one single definition for what education really is. Experts and scholars from the beginning have viewed and commented about education in different ways. The definition mostly agreed upon was that education is an acquisition or passing of skills, behavior or knowledge from an institution to another. This institution can either be a person, a school, a family or even the society. If we go in the ancient meaning and the ideology of education, it means to lead out of ignorance. In other words, education or knowledge in this sense was light and education brought the person out of the dark. The purpose and ideology of education is therefore to bring out the potential of a person and pass on
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As mentioned before, education can be attaining from the family and from the society as well. Learning can take place even when the person is not in a classroom. They can learn something while they are watching TV, while they are surfing the web or while they are reading the newspaper. This sort of education is not only limited to a certain age and can be continued the whole life. Again, this sort of knowledge might not be tested for some grades but they will help the person throughout their life. This makes the person more knowledge and more aware of his or her surroundings. The experiences that a person goes through and how he/ she reflect on them really affects their personality. There is no compulsion or need for certification for this form of education.
In the old days, other form of education also included Athenian education where more focus was given on grammar (Bradley). In Athens, children were sent to school when they around seven. These institutions were privately run and the family had to have money if they were to sponsor the child’s education. In Athenian education, the emphasis was also given to physical and musical training as well (Bradley). After the child had been educated, he was given some time to choose whatever he wants. In other words, this time was for the person to recognize the world around him. Spartan education consisted of military training where the students
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