The Pyridine Ring: The Second Cause Of Cancer

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The second cause of death worldwide is Cancer [1]. It is expected that the number of people that will die because of cancer in 2030 is about 13.1 million [2]. It is better to develop novel, safe and effective chemotherapeutic drugs to treat cancer with minimal side effects. The pyridine ring is one of the most well known nitrogen containing heterocyclic compounds. Pyridine derivatives possess a wide spectrum of biological properties such as antifungal [3], antimicrobial [4-10], antioxidant [11], and anticancer [12-14]. α-Aminophosphates is one of the biologically active compounds may be because they are analogues to α-amino acids [15, 16]. α-Aminophosphonates and their derivatives are considered to be bioactive molecules due to their biological

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