The Qantas Emirates Agreement Commenced

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The Qantas-Emirates agreement commenced in April 2013. What impact has this partnership had on the two airlines, and on the market between Australia and Europe? The new Qantas-Emirates agreement that commenced in April 2013 had a significant impact on both airlines as there were substantial benefits that were now offered to both airlines customers. The new partnership gave Qantas’ customers access to Emirates’ vast network in Europe, the Middle East and North Africa while Emirates customers benefit from gaining access to Qantas’ unmatched Australian domestic and regional network. Meanwhile both airlines customers also enjoy the benefit from the premium products now offered such as new world-wide lounges, enhanced products in terms of seats, meals and inflight entertainment as well as frequent flyer programs. The new agreement also gives both airlines significant advantage in network over its competitors between Australia and Europe.
According to ACCC chairman Rod Sims ‘The ACCC considers that the alliance is likely to result in public benefits through enhanced products and service offerings by the airlines, and improved operating efficiency” and this was perhaps one of the biggest impacts of this partnership on both airlines. It is certain that the new look of the premium product offered through this partnership will not only give existing customers a unique flying experience but also because of its premium appearance and distinctiveness will certainly attract more

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