Marketing And Management : Qantas Airline Essay

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Marketing and Management
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The assignment assesses the trajectory of the Qantas airline that witnesses heavy financial losses due to a grave situation. In August 2011, Qantas witnessed a disputed terrain that culminated in international division. The experts believe that Qantas domestic, Qantas Link and other variants of Qantas gave an excellent performance in the recent phase. However, Qantas International faced escalating losses that amounted to $200 million. The Qantas airline faced severe industrial crises in the recent time. At the other end of the spectrum, the unions could not accept the reforms that the Qantas airline began to deliberate (Adler and Mantin 2015). The unions maintained that the Qantas airline is gradually drifting the international operation in a different location. The management made such arrangement to identify cheap labour and other resources. At the same time, the unions comprehended the graveness of the situation. They claim that the airline transgressed the deliberation of the 1992 Qantas Sales Act, which specifies that the carrier’s base should remain within Australia. The Qantas refutes to provide improved work and payment balance (Ancell 2016). The organizations like Australian and International Pilots Association (AIPA) attempted to adopt industrial action against the particular airline. The conflict assumed a rigorous character, centring the issue.…

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