The Quaker Oats Company

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EXECUTIVE SUMMARY A strategic plan has financial and other implications over the next several years of implementing the company strategies. And strategies come in different forms and magnitudes. Since strategic plans covers a relatively long range of period, difficulties in maintaining the organization’s effort to keeping the strategic plan arise. The Quaker Oats Company began long range planning in fiscal 1965. The plans created that year and annually thereafter were primarily numbers-oriented estimates of income and requirements of capital.
Mr. Robert D. Stuart Jr. announced in September 1970 announce the reorganization of management structure. The reorganization decentralized all operation into four major profit centers.
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Stuart and Guinee on the expectations regarding the formal planning system. a. Content of long range planning. b. Status quo for short range planning. c. Covered period of long range planning. d. Responsibility of developing of plans. e. Approval of Plans f. VP-Finance and Planning – format and administration of short and long range plan. Responsibilities of individual departments in finance and planning as shown in Exhibit 3. g. For both planning process to commence January 1971 and concludes of the same year. h. Review and responsibility of long and short range plan. 5. Four functions were assigned to four major groups. 6. Different kind of factors are at work in the long term planning because many of these factors are very intangible their handling requires the use of a disciplined, logical, technique. 7. How tight the linkage between long-range plans and short range plans should be.
Though Mr. Harry T. Ambrose has a significant experience with The Quaker Oats Company, his deficiency in exposure to environment of long range planning could hamper his performance at full capacity to his position. The reorganization in 1970 will require time for managers to adjust with the new setup.
The previous long range planning of the company were primarily focused on financial figures. Strategic planning is not only about financials aspects, this procedure requires

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