The Qualities Of A Professional Team

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Popular theories such as Myers Bridge personality type states that a high-performing team is comprised of both distinctly defined roles and a well-rounded collection of personality archetypes. In order to ensure a successful team, it is important to know more about the team member personalities and how the different personalities can be a useful tool building and leading a project team. After taking the personality test, my personality type was identified as ENFJ Extravert (26%) Intuitive (16%) Feeling (7%) and Judging (34%). Jasmine Pierce was also identified as a ENFJ Extravert (34%) Intuitive (3%) Feeling (28%) Judging (31%). ENFJ individual is expressed as extraverted feeling with introverted intuition. They are also best portrayed as …show more content…

My other team members were also able to to identify their personality type after taking the test. Alyssa Collison personality type was identified as ESFJ Extravert (53%) Sensing (1%) Feeling (31%) Judging (3%). Brittany Scott was identified as ESFJ Extravert (19%) Sensing (28%) Feeling (25%) Judging (1%). Ian was identified as INTJ Introvert (31%) Intuitive (3%) Thinking (16%) Judging (6%). Haley Radle was was identified as ESFJ Extravert (59%) Sensing (9%) Feeling (59%) Judging (22%). Emily Blum was identified as ISTJ Introvert (3%) Sensing (34%) Thinking (1%) Judging (66%). Last but not least Candice Smith personality type was identified as ESTJ Extravert (12%) Sensing (1%) Thinking (19%), Judging (3%). The percentage collected from the personality test gave me a better understanding how each member strength will help the team. The percentage also indicates their degree of strength on how they each think and behave. Alyssa Collison, Brittany Scott and Haley Radle were all identified of having ESFJ personality type, they are known as the provider. Alyssa, Brittany and Haley all scored higher in extravert and feeling. Having a higher percentage in extravert and feeling shows that they interact better with others and make decisions using subjective values. Brittany Scott also had a high score in sensing, which indicates that she perceives tangible facts better compared to Alyssa and Haley. Other than those two

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