The Rational Decision Making Model

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Sometimes the hardest things in life are the very things that we do the most. All of these things, both small and large require a process that is commonly referred to as the decision making process. Decisions make up every aspect of our daily lives that is remotely imaginable. One of the most common decision making model is called the, rational decision making model. The first step in the model is to construe the problem or the actual decision to be made. Then, you will identify the information needed for the process to go forth. After that, you will weigh out all of your possible solutions. After that you will need to heavily consider all the possible outcomes from each decision that you have available. Finally the easiest step, to say the least is actually making the decision and choosing a solution. As you can see this model is very basic. For every decision to be made, it will be very helpful of you to follow these five simple steps, for a more level headed decision. However with every good thing in life, everything you will come across will have a down side. “A rational decision model presupposes that there is one best outcome. Because of this it is sometimes called an optimizing decision making model. The search for perfection is frequently a factor in actually delaying making a decision.”(unknown; rational decision making models) Another deem worthy model is the seven step decision making model. First of all you have to define the decision that is to be made. This

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