The Realm Of Big Data

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7001ENG- Research Methods for Engineers.

Literature review

Group No: 14
Akash Parekh
Harish Segal


The variety, volume and velocity (Lohr, 2012) of data have evolved in the present contemporary times with various companies and business embracing the benefits and advantages leveraged out of Big Data and its plethora of real life applications. This concept have taken a huge leap ahead in time and have find some innovative and creative ways to collect, store and analyze data which his enormous these days. The realm of e business and its applications in this industry are conquered by the means of big data.

Literature Review
Big Data is a useful tool that helps in collecting, analyzing and disseminating any form of information that may start from simple phones and ranging up to enormous super computers to analyze the movement of pattern, behavior of people towards data and patterns that are developed out of data analysis (LaValle, 2013). Data mining techniques are also aided by the concepts of big data to scoop out some of the useful information in various fields and researches of study. The pattern analysis can be aided with the help of text messages via cell phones. It is almost next to impossible to trap the data generated by millions of users but with the invention of this new technique and plethora of tools aiding the process of data analysis, the cell phone data generated by approximately six billion of

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