The Recent Merger And Expansion Southwest Airlines

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Introduction The recent merger and expansion Southwest Airlines (SWA) is experiencing challenges their human resource department’s hiring practices. The company has the potential to feel damaging effects due to their accelerated staffing needs; a consideration is how the screening for SWA employment is going to be handled with this influx of merging airline applicants. SWA needs to have a plan to streamline this collaborative staffing effort. The company must focus on the strategy and functionality of this expanded recruitment plan. As the CEO, Gary Kelly states, “Our people are our single greatest strength and most enduring long-term competitive advantage"(Southwest). In order to make mergers successful there are steps SWA-HR must implement to develop an addendum to their recruitment plan, identifying this merge specific applicant pool. Once SWA establishes a recruitment strategy that incorporates recruiting staff from these acquired airline companies, this plan is going to give them a great competitive advantage over their competition.
When determining how to analyze a business and their productivity, a SWOT assists senior leaders by describing the organizations strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats.
The strengths of SWA are that since their 1971 inception they have experienced continual growth and are ranked as a leader in the airline industry (Southwest). They believe in excellent service for their customers and hire employees that exemplify that
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