"The Red Wheelbarrow" Explication

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Poetry is an example of written literature. In ancient Greek, poetry means “I create” – an art form in which language is used for its aesthetic qualities (, 2005). Poetry is a piece of literature that helps people to express their feelings and emotions. People can express their sad, happy, and romantic feelings through poetry. There are many poets in the United States such as Theodore Roethke, Robert frost, Emily Dickinson, William Carlos Williams, and many others. In this paper, there will be an introduction to William Carlos Williams and one of his poems, “The Red Wheelbarrow”. There would be also an explication of the poem based on reader’s interpretation.
William Carlos Williams was born in Rutherford, New Jersey in 1883. He began writing poetry when he was in high school. He also decided to become a doctor and a writer in the same time. He embodied his ambitions by attending medical school and also publishing some of his literatures. William Carlos Williams had a very unique characteristic in writing poetry. Instead of writing a long stanza, William Carlos Williams made his poem as short as possible. Concise poems were his original identity. He was the first poet who had subject matter that centered on the everyday circumstances of life and the lives of common people (Poets,, 1997). He influenced many other poets through his concise poetry. The subject matter of his poetry also influenced people’s idea in writing poetry. He conveyed a new perception

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