The Reflection Of Instagram

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250200 - Course Journal Evaluation Unit 1: Introduction to Composition, Entries 1-6 June 30, 2017, ENTRY 1: Me, a Writer, Attitude: I do not like to write, but I believe I can get to enjoy it. The only pressures I have been thinking of what to say and how to say it so. I am hoping this course help my attitude and make me a better writer, in the beginning I was a little discouraged, but thank my friend and family they have given me a strong will to keep going. Inventory: consequently I am not sure I know what kind of learner I am. But nevertheless, I just know that I try hard and do my best at, in everything I do. So, I am going to work hard on this course and learn to put words in place so that I can be a good writer. June 30, 2017, …show more content…

Follow your friends and family to see what they’re up to. Photo, fun and friends and business all in one app! June 30, 2017, ENTRY 4: Drafting: Title: The Reflection of Instagram Introduction: Thesis: Instagram share pictures and videos either publicly or privately Body: 1. Paragraph 1: Instagram is a social networking 2. Paragraph 2: Made for sharing photos and videos from your computer and cell phone 3. Paragraph 3: Like Facebook or Twitter, my family have memories of some of our homecoming and family reunions on Instagram. 4. Paragraph 4: When you post a photo or video on Instagram, it will be displayed on your profile. From there, your friend and family can follower you. Conclusion: Instagram has free service; therefore, they expect you to follow the rules once your photos are online. Instagram tell you that their reserves the right to use and share your photos, so be careful what you post. Reflect: Choosing the structure because it was the simplest organizer method at least in my opinion. Because of the reflection of Instagram, I believe it fits the reflection of the apps and

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