The Reflex Of A Reflex

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Sometimes people go to a doctor appointment and they get their knee with a small rubber hammer? Or they go to the eye doctor and had them put drops in their eyes to dilate their pupils? These are all in some way connected to a reflex. Reflexes A reflex is an involuntary, or nearly instantaneous movement in response to a change in the environment. Reflexes are done without having to think about it. All healthy people are born with most reflexes that can help to protect themselves from harm. Reaction versus Reflexes Reactions and reflexes are two different types of responses. A reaction is a choice that is made by mentally making a decision. On the contrary, a reflex is instinctive and automatic. A reaction goes through the sensory…show more content…
The grasp appears at birth but only continues for another five or six months. This reflex occurs if a finger is placed on their open palm. The infant 's hand will close around the finger and trying to remove the finger causes the grip to tighten. Newborn infants have strong grasps and can almost be lifted up if both hands are grasping fingers! The moro reflex, also called the startle reflex, is likely to occur if the following happen: the infant 's head suddenly shifts in position, the temperature changes abruptly, they are startled by a sudden noise, or the sensation of falling takes place. Even the baby 's own cry may cause this reflex! The legs and head extend while the arms jerk up and out with the palms up and thumbs flexed. The step reflex is sparked when the sole of the foot touch a hard surface. The infant then lifts one foot, then the other, as if walking. Children and Adult Reflexes Many infant reflexes continue into toddlerhood and some stay with people all of our lives. Adults and children have reflexes such as the following: the accommodation reflex, acoustic reflex, pupillary light reflex, brachioradialis reflex, deep tendon reflex, and patellar reflex. These reflexes can help our bodies to stay protected and safe. Accommodation Reflex The accommodation reflex is an action of the eye in response to focusing on a object, whether it is looking at a near object and then focusing on a far object or vice versa. This
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