The Raffles Hotel

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Raffles Hotel, Singapore is known as a colonial-style luxury hotel. Established by Armenian hoteliers, the Sarkies Brothers, in 1887. It was started as a privately owned beach house built in the early 1830s. It first became Emerson's Hotel when Dr. Charles Emerson leased the building in 1878. Until his death in 1883, the hotel closed, and the Raffles Institution got involved to use the building as a boarding house until Dr. Emerson's lease expired in September 1887. The Raffles Hotel, Singapore provides five stars services in all areas such as rooms, suites, event, dinning, outlets and spa to satisfy the desired needs of customers. It is one of the few largest remaining 19th century hotels in the world. It believes that the level of service matters a lot in remaining areas in the hotel, also it is its priority to let the guests …show more content…

The applicable benefits will depend on the specific offer that is finally booked. And for credit card partners they have corporate with American Express, Citibank, and MasterCard Worldwide and Visa which all of them are worldwide for offering the convenience to the guests. Moreover, with the existence of more innovative luxury hotels in Singapore nowadays, the historical and classical features are not being able to be the special factors of their success in hotel industry. Hence they need technology partners to share the latest and cutting-edge technologies or machines with consumers to create a combination with ancient & modern. And Raffles is recently undergoing a sensitive restoration, keep connecting to the media platform, for instance; Trip advisor even Facebook to apply the advertisement and promotion for the new aspects where nowadays people get all new information

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