The Relationship Between Educated And Non Educated People Within Social Diverse Groups

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The purposes of this research examine the interaction of educated or non-educated people within social diverse groups. I chose this topic because I wanted to understand people opinion and attitudes towards people convicted criminals and how the court system may influence this decision. I believe it is the first step to understand why people are prejudice, racist, and why they think of committing crime. The treatment of criminals is a very big issue in today 's society. Most Americans will encounter the court system in some shape or form in their lifetime. Our judicial system is not perfect. There are many problems with it and people are constantly complaining about everything from a parking ticket to the death penalty. Some Americans feel …show more content…

Fordyke. One of the things Fordyke stated in the book was “In human societies priestly groups always having tended to seize the high ground. Those who occupy such ground in modern times not only find it easier to continue their dominance, but come to act as "gate-keepers", the peer-reviewers who decide what the rest will be allowed to read and whose research will be funded. This has its dangers.” This means that most people will always want to be in power and assert their dominance. Although not everyone is a dominant personality. When you believe that you have power you feel that other people are beneath you. Reading Fordye book reminded me of Herbert Spencer’s survival of the fittest theory. In this theory of natural selection, individuals in a population who are well-adapted to a particular set of environmental conditions have an advantage over those who are not so well adapted. The advantage comes in the form of survival and reproductive success. “For example, those individuals who are better able to find and use a food resource will, on average, live longer and produce more offspring than those who are less successful at finding food. Inherited traits that increase individuals ' fitness are then passed to their offspring, thus giving the offspring the same advantages” from PBS writers. Both of these Fordye and Spencer theories are relate to my subject because, in

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