The Relationship Between Health And Income Level

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Part 1: Relationship between Health and Income Level The frequency distribution below illustrates the relationship between different income level and health, income-health gradient. It represents five different income levels and their reported health ratings. People who have the lowest income are the members of the first group while people who have the highest income are the members of the last group. Moreover, health rating numbers range from one to five, best to worst. According to the distribution table, people with higher income have the highest percentage of excellent rating (49.9) among all other groups, and it is followed by group four, three, two and one respectively. Similarly, the first group has the highest poor rating percentage (4.7) comparing to the other groups. This table shows the positive correlation between health and income levels. As one`s income increases, the frequency of excellent ratings increases. People with higher income tend to be healthier because they have a better diet, can afford to go to doctor for check-up, practice regularly, and live healthier lifestyle. Whereas people with low income may have to work in dangerous jobs, take more risks, still have to go work when sick, and depend on consuming unhealthy food. Therefore, the frequency distribution supports the health/income gradient clearly. Relationship between Health and Income Level Part 2: Combining the Effects of Age and Income Level on Health Status Holding age constant, people

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