The Relationship Between Politics And Ethics Constantly

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The relationship between politics and ethics constantly overlaps, causing us to have to consider things such as the ‘dirty hand problem’ which can seem like a politically right thing to do, yet cause controversy in the ethical discipline. In this essay, I shall set out to explain what the ‘dirty hand problem’ is, and arrive at the conclusion that the conceptual confusion that the dirty hands problem causes is merely due to a conflict between politics and ethics in certain situations- I will solve this paradox by offering a ‘situationalist’ approach. With regards to acceptability of the dirty hands problem - I intend on stating that the problem is helpful in highlighting when it is necessary for politics to weaken the role that ethics plays…show more content…
In my view, this is a circumstance where dirtying ones hands is arguably justified. In ii), however, we may still have the same prima facie assumption, however the underlying intention of X is merely a dirty hands ‘ploy’- which is done out of self-gain for X, which I would say is an abuse of using ‘dirty hands’. I would like to distinguish between the two, as I will use this to explain how the relationship between ethics and politics is majorly situational. With this in mind, I will aim to defend the assumption that dirty hands conflicts political decisions through ethical implications - meaning that while ethics takes a powerful influence in politics, it’s significance is not always appreciated when evaluating how one should govern a state, or when to make ‘politically’ moral judgements. Now that I have explained what it is to have ‘dirty hands’ - I will move on to explain where the problem with this lies. One of the essential problems with the idea of ‘dirty hands’ is that it causes a huge conflict between ethics and politics. If one is to say that politics is dependant on ethics (and we should follow ethical practice in every political decision - I will call this having ‘clean hands’) then our moral duty that may seem admirable can actually become harmful to one’s state. To explain my point - I will offer an example below: iii. X has the opportunity to find out where Y will next invade in X’s state if X

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