The Relationship Between Reward, Employee Motivation and Production

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However, it does not neccesarilliy mean that if a worker is rewarded there is automatic motivation and productivity.Stimpson posits that every firm has to plan a set motivators that evoke workers to work harder.the organization may also consider variables like the ability such as individual characters such as intelligence, knowledge, skills and role perception thus what individuals.
In explaining Herzberg’s two factor theory, Snyderman (1957) in Beach (1988) emphersises that employees have different needs and wants meaning what motivates one is different from what motivates the other hence it can not be assumed that money motivates everyone.People who work just for the money could find their tasks less desirable and may not therefore do them so well leading to a decrease in productivity.Herzberg noted that the absence of hygiene factors ,which is basic salary,may lead to job dissatisfaction and their presents does not mean workers get motivated, hygiene factors therefore act as as a foundation for motivation.
In addition reinforcements act as motivators and
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