The Relationship Between Spending Time On Nature And The Stress Reducing Qualities Found Therein

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Counselors dedicate their lives to helping people emotionally in need, and eventually this dedication begins to produce distress which, if not dealt with can lead into more serious issues. One of the more serious issues that counselors are at higher risk to experience as job-related stress increases—is burnout. In order for counselors to maintain healthy levels of compassion, as well as their ability to help their clients, a self-care plan is a necessity. This self-care plan must effectively cope with frequent job-related stress. If the self-care plan does not effectively cope with this stress, then burnout is likely to be experienced. However, there are successful strategies to prevent burnout that may help enable the counselor to assist hurting people for the length of a career.
One such plausible self-care plan, which effectively copes with job related stress, includes frequent exposures to nature and the outdoors. In this paper, I examine the relationship between spending time in nature and the stress reducing qualities found therein. Because burnout is a stress-induced condition, attempts to decrease stress levels with nature exposure, should aid in preventing burnout. Unfortunately, many counselors who experience burnout seldom engage in healthy coping strategies, or they simply do not engage in them frequently enough. It is important for counselors to utilize stress-reducing skills in their personal lives in order to effectively and comprehensively help…
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