The Relationship Of Promotion And Performance

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The Relationship of Promotion and Performance
Case study PT. Y Indonesia
Cassandra Etania
University of International Business and Economics
The aim of this research is to understand the effect of promotion toward performance in a company in Indonesia. Many believes that promotion could and able to increase the performance of the employee as it helps to motivate the employee hence the hypothesis is created with respect of the previously discussed variables. Initial results shows that promotion could have a significant effect toward performance. The number of employee that will be used to conduct the research is around 50 employee from various department within the company as they are the one that will give the most precise answer
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In addition, many companies in Indonesia is using this pretext to make people move into higher rank without giving them the proper reward that they should be able to achieve with the title that they owned. This is good for the management and the Human resource. However, what is the actual impact on performance is unknown. Human Resource must be able to understand and to put the employee in the position that they are able to handle in term of workload and ability. The employee’s that is not put into their proper position is not the employee that people wanted to hire and understand. Human Resource Management (HRM, HR) is the managing of an organization 's employees ( Providing and upholding necessary equilibrium of human resource for suave processes of organization is a primary function of HRM. Nowadays HR work is not only concerned with outdated accomplishments of employment and assortment, exercise and growth but its scope has been widened to many new and renowned areas. Organizations having capable and skilled labor gives economical edge and it is said to be most maintainable source of modest advantage. Globalization has changed the main objectives and job of Human Resource rapidly. The dynamic of the world is an ever-changing nature and people are part of it. The believe that employees are the new source of capital that is required for every company to work perfectly is important to understand and people are
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