The Relationship between Science and Religion

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When one thinks of religion, Christianity may come to mind. And when one talks about science, Galileo’s name will most likely be mentioned. The relationship between science and religion has had a long complex history. Both strived to answer and explain the way the world and the universe came to exist and why it functions the way it does. However, one subject relies on the supernatural world while the other on the physical world. Christianity, Judaism and other Western religions played a major role in the development of science. Theologians helped determined what theories should be acceptable to the public and other scientist. The most memorable events in history are Galileo’s trial by the Inquisition and the controversy surrounding Darwin’s theory of evolution. Many great scientists were in fact devout in their religions and tried to accommodate religious faith and be flexible with their theories. At the same time, others tried to find a way to connect new discoveries to a divine plan. When the passages of the Bible, for example, were translated literally, it led to conflict between what was thought to be the divine truth and what was proven to be true. Has the religion really shaped the foundation of science or has science transformed what is now believed to be the difference between the supernatural and the natural? In Christianity, a sacred text known as the Bible tells of historical stories of greater meaning and was alleged written under divine inspiration. Its main

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