The Reluctant Security Guard

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The Reluctant Security Guard
1. Relevant Facts
1.1. David Tuff was a security guard at the Blue Mountain Company in Minneapolis, Minnesota.
1.2 As part of his job training, it was necessary for him to get a security guard license, requiring him to obey the Security Officer’s Manual, which included the following statement: “If a serious accident or illegal behavior should occur on the premises of the licensee, it shall be the responsibility of the licensee to notify the appropriate police department immediately”.
1.3. Fourteen months after Tuff joined the company, Blue Mountain issued new rules of pro¬cedure, demanding the security guards "to order and escort intoxicated per¬sons, including persons driving under the in¬fluence of alcohol, off its parking lots and onto the public roads."
1.4. Tuff complained to his superiors some¬times several times a day using abusive language in denouncing the rules because he believed his license could be revoked once he fails to report illegal behavior.
1.5. Manuel Hernandez, His immediate supervisor, told him that if any such situation arose he should contact the su¬pervisor in charge, who will further make a decision and also that he needs not to worry about potential scenarios but about his paycheck.
1.6. Tuff then contacted a volunteer organiza¬tion working to prevent drunk driving, whose representatives approached his supervisors, opposing the policy
1.7. Tuff then contacted a local television news station and a local newspaper. He
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