The Responsibilities Of Each Of The Below Professions

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Within this report will be explanations of the responsibilities of each of the below professions:
 Architect
 Architectural Design Technologist
 Quantity Surveyor(Commonly known as a QS)
 Building Information Modelling Coordinator/Manager
 Building Services Manager
 Project/Construction Manager
 Structural Engineer
 Surveyor
With the explanation of their responsibilities there will also be information which explains what their role/job is and what they do. I will also be going over how they interact with other professions on a typical professional contract. The important of professional bodies along with which professional body covers which profession will be detailed. Finally, an explanation of who the bodies protect and how they go about doing that.
Out of the aforementioned professions, four of them are part of the Design Team; these would be the Architect, the Architect Technologist, the Quantity Surveyor and the Structural Engineer. These professions are not the only members of the design team so I will briefly touch on the other members.
They work in the Construction Industry and are involved with designing any new buildings, however they also do extensions and/or alterations to any existing buildings. They also offer forms of advice on restoring and converting any old properties.
Their projects can range from working on individual buildings or on large redevelopment schemes, they can be responsible for designing the surrounding

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