The Responsibility Of Trojan Horse In The Trojan War

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Trojan Horse was a giant hollow horse made out of wood. The Greek army used to it attack the city of Troy. At first, they could not figure out a way to get inside the city's walls, but then they got a secret plan to take over the city. The Trojan horse was built by an expert pugilist, and carpenter named Epeius, around 1250 B.C. The event took place during the Trojan wars. The Greeks pretended to abandon the war, and sailed to the island of Tenedos nearby. And they also left behind Sinon. Sinon convinced the Trojans that the horse was an offering to Athena, the goddess of war, and that would make Troy unconquerable. Then the horse was taken inside the city, even with the warnings from Cassandra and Laocoön. Next, by nightfall, the Greek warriors

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