The Right Of Privacy : The United State

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Considering these different perspectives, the best way to continue the comparison in between them is by collecting several pros and cons on each ideology. The United State has not a uniform or standard law that promotes the concept of a right to privacy; instead, they introduced the concept through intellectual articles and was established by the Supreme Court. Nevertheless, it is not explicitly mentioned in the Constitution, thus it is often considered as secondary to other rights. This situation mainly occurs because the country does not want a law to interfere with the technology development process. This means that companies need to adapt to costumers’ data protection desires, and at the same time protects company’s economy interests. This brings a regulatory balance in between consumers and the company, in order to stabilize and to get into an acceptable level. Unfortunately, for the reason mentioned above, that the right of privacy is take a secondary law, the companies protect themselves under the First Amendment that allows them to manage or sell personal information.
On the other hand, the European Union has a different way on how to manage personal data. The idea of the new regulation is to coordinate the data protection law with all the countries and all the European Union members. The idea of making this law as a regulation instead of a directive is because it will be directly applicable to all the European Union associates without the implementation of any

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