The Right of All: Legalize Same-Sex Marriage Essay

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Imagine a world where it was completely shameful to like the opposite sex. If someone found out about a heterosexual couple or just people playing around, they would get abused, bullied, attacked, just because of the people they choose to be with. The whole United States or maybe just a single state would be against them. They couldn’t go to church without getting judge by people who should be the most understanding, but because one man, who lived just over 2,000 years ago, wrote in a book that it’s a sin to love someone of the same sex. People live that live everyday of their lives, except opposite. The big question about same-sex marriage is if it should be legal or not, and why? The problem with same-sex marriage is that if the US …show more content…

Most catholic churches are completely against same sex marriage. United States Conference of Catholic Bishop's
(USCCB) main ideas for their reason gay people cannot get married is because they are not able reproduce and create more children or people of the same-sex aren't attracted to each other.
The history on same-sex marriage does not go very far back in history. The first recorded event about same-sex marriage was in 1971 The first same-sex couple to take there issue to the US supreme court were turned down by a single sentence specifically on October 15, 1971(Jost). The most recent states to legalize same sex marriage is Rhode Island and Minnesota(CNN Library). In 2013, former vice president
Dick Cheney and his 1ami\y got into a feud over gay marriage. The Cheney family breaks their silence about their gay daughter, Mary. Their other daughter, Liz, who opposes same sex-sex marriage was criticized by Mary for opposing same-sex marriage. Mr. Cheney and his wife sided with Liz's opinion and beliefs and are helping
Liz run for U.S Senate in Wyoming (Martin). Delaware legalized same sex marriage on
May 7th, 2013 and in 2010 Washington D.C. and New Hampshire also legalize same- sex marriage (CNN Library).
Same-sex marriage should be acted upon now because there are so many people in America that are afraid to come out and be who they are, but at the same time people get bullied for being different. Everywhere we are getting "Bullying is

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