The Rise Of Team Management

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Team management arose in Japan and Israel, after the development in North America, it broke through the limitation of culture and spread worldwide. Management team is defined as the work of 2 to 20 members of groups, whose work tasks associated with each other’s and jointly responsible for the results of team work (Demaetto, 1997). The rise of team management can not only improve the employees’ satisfaction, promote the transformation and creativity, control and constraint members behavior effectively (Levati, 1975), but also has great significance in preventing negative effects after the increase of organization scale.
Compared to the traditional work groups linked to the organizational structure, “team” in modern enterprises are more …show more content…

The turnover of top managers of a company is very important and may provide for the conflicting results on the effects of the outsider succession (Karaevli, 2007).
However, in real life, because there is always a variety of difficulties need to be solved in people’s relationship, it is hard to find a perfect team. Then, the problem is how can we minimize the differences and gaps, give full play to each team member 's personal advantages, and maximize the advantages of the whole team?
First of all, in the initial phase of building the team, manager should have efficient, reasonable planning. Many of management tools can be used to simplify the team construction work. By understanding of employees in depth, managers can define their team members’ advantages and disadvantages, the likelihood of work and style to deal with problems, the difference of basic values, etc.; Through these analysis to obtain between team members in the formation of a common faith and a consistent view of team purpose and to establish the team running rules and mechanisms. Evaluating the comprehensive ability of the team by analyzing the team environment, then find out the gap between present comprehensive ability and requirement of accomplishing the goal, and make it clear how teams play advantage, avoid threat and improve the ability to meet the challenges. It is important to make each team member understand team

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