The Role Of Bilingualism In Diglossia

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As per the study of Gumperz (1962), the aspect of diglossia generally refers to the process of switching between two different languages or two different forms of languages in various situations. The concept of Diglossia was first developed by Charles A. Ferguson in 1959 with an aim to properly describe the situation of code-switching that existed in Arab speaking countries where the influence of English language is gaining popularity along with the local Arab language. The aspect of Bilingual Code Switching basically refers to the process of speaking two different languages in a single conversation. This rise in code-switching between languages has been on the rise due to the significant change and development in the culture of the society. The element of migration of people from one country to another can also be recognised as one of the primary reasons behind the use of bilingual languages within a conversation (Ferguson, 1971).
Grosjean (1985) stated that in the process of analysing the communication perspective of bilingual, it can be assumed that speaker can specifically implement different modes or languages to interact with each other. The …show more content…

Before considering findings, it is necessary to define the terms for the concepts studied in this project. Bilingualism can be defined in many different terms mainly due to how proficient an individual can communicate in a second language. Bilingualism can be defined as the “native-like control of two or more languages” researchers consider one can only be bilingual if they are fluent and have mastered at least two languages. Anyone who has basic skills in reading, writing, speaking and listening in a language other than their mother tongue is bilingual. However, during the twentieth century, the concept (or definition) of bilingualism changed and became broader (Anderson and Anderson,

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