The Role Of Culture Of Teaching Foreign Languages

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The role of culture in teaching foreign languages There are a lot of cultures in the World. All of them have their own values. It is very interesting to note that the culture we belong to affects how we think, interact, communicate and transmit knowledge from generation to generation. The aptitude to ask and answer questions based on our own culture enables the process of making connections across cultures. It is worth pointing out that English teachers can assist their students to activate their “ cultural antennas” by making them aware of vital elements of their own culture and helping them to realize how their culture has shaped them. When we think of culture such artifacts as …show more content…

It may be said that he made a breakthrough in the teaching aspect of culture. He classified the possible meanings of culture according to the understanding of people about them. The main vital aim of his work was to make people aware that culture exist in all the aspects of peoples life. The investigations that he did, as well as the theory that he stated can be considered as evidence to his dissertation. The most important thing which we should mention talking about the culture is the relationship between language and culture and we should also answer to the question of why the teaching of culture should be regarded as the most significant part of the English language curriculum. Firstly we should underline that , language is a social institution, which has a significant role in shaping the society at large or in particular ,which plays an important role. Thus, if we learn the language in details, it should be understood as cultural practice, then we must identify the notion of culture in relation to language. Language is not an ‘independent construct’ but social practice both creating and created by ‘the social institutions within which we live and function. Certainly, language can not exist without changes; one could make so bold as to retain that there is a kind of “transfusion” at work between language and culture. Amongst those who have enlarged upon

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