The Role Of Education In Waiting For Superman

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One of Superman’s famous quotes is,“[The symbol] is not an S, on my world it means hope.” Hope represents the foundation on which children and adults cling to day by day. People all across America wait for “Superman” to save them from the evils in their lives. For the children highlighted in the documentary Waiting for Superman, hope is the only thing driving them to achieve a commendable education in today’s failing school system. Davis Guggenheim, an American film and tv director, produced this documentary in hopes of eliciting a worried response for the future of education in the United States. He reflects the individual struggles of students as well as a general view of the education system through animations and the overall structure of the documentary. Guggenheim urges the audience to notice the system’s detrimental aspects and take action in order to save our prospective students.
Animation: a dynamic visual medium produced from static drawings, models, or objects posed in a series of incremental movements that are then rapidly sequenced to give the illusion of lifelike motion. Within the documentary, Guggenheim portrays clips of animation, specifically during moments when a great amount of facts and statistics are presented. These clips are included within the film to break up the scenes of real-life footage. For example, Guggenheim uses hand-drawn images to make the claim that it is less expensive to send students to private schools than it is to pay for inmates at

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