The Role Of Ethnicity And Its Effects On The Development Of Africa, Latin America, And Southeast Asia

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Ethnicity was a major factor in the colonization of Africa, Latin America, and Southeast Asia and still has a large impact on LDCs today. The different ethnicities or regional, political, economic and cultural factors were often manipulated by the European rulers to contrivance a ‘divide and conquer’ technique and hegemony in the LDCs. The purpose of this paper is to examine the role of ethnicity in LDCs in Africa, Latin America, and Southeast Asia on contemporary politics. First, a brief overview of the importance of ethnicity is addressed. Second, a brief discussion of the colonial rulers used ethnicity to their advantage is provided. And, in conclusion, this paper will conclude the overall role of ethnicity in the LDCs in Africa, Latin …show more content…

86). The caste system consisted of six categories. One, a person of full European descent. Two, a person of full African descent. Three, a person of half European and half African descent. Four, a person with a European father and indigenous mother. Five, a person of half African, half indigenous descent. Six, a person of indigenous descent. The caste system and use of ethnicity as a tactic to gain social, economic, and political power in LDCs proved to be a vital source in maintaining hegemony and power in these regions. Lastly, religion was a strong factor in establishing ethnicity and kinship. Many LDCs in Africa, Latin America, and Southeast Asia, believed in some form of animism or paganism. The introduction of Christianity and Islam by European rulers provided a basis for them to achieve and maintain power. For example, the case study in Malaysia pinpoints the strife between the poor or peasant populations and Buddhist beliefs, which increased the acceptance of Islam in the region. In conclusion, ethnicity has a strong impact on the success of colonizers. Ethnicity like many other aspects of colonization still has a prevalent role in modern day LDCs. Ethnic background allowed European powers to exploit the culture, tradition, and beliefs of LDCs to their advantage. In retrospect, ethnicity played a role in kinships during the precolonial era and will continue to be a key factor in

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