The Role Of Flatbush Tenant Coalition ( Ftc ), An Initiative Of The Flatbush Development Corporation ( Fdc )

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Flatbush Tenant Coalition (FTC) is an initiative of the Flatbush Development Corporation (FDC), a nonprofit organization that provides an array of support services for the Flatbush community, including preserving and protecting affordable housing, business attraction and retention initiatives, immigrant family services, and youth services. It was formed in 1975 by tenants and homeowners who sought to address the physical deterioration of the neighborhood.

FTC is a coalition of tenant associations that aims to build tenant power in central and south Brooklyn. Collectively, members work to improve the lives of low- to-moderate income tenants in the community, who are subject to undesirable living conditions, displacement, and harassment from landlords. FTC supports the growth of tenant associations and the development of tenant leaders to address these needs in a variety of ways, including

• Supporting tenants in organizing their buildings

• Collaborating with tenant associations to initiate building campaigns or other initiatives to address building issues, including repairs and maintenance

• Educating tenants on their rights, housing laws, and political education, including information about local elected leaders, community boards, and local, state, and national housing agencies

• Supporting, planning, and participating in city, state, and national tenant rights campaigns

• Helping tenants secure pro bono lawyers and document success

• Conducting

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