Galaxy Toys Essay

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Introduction The largest privately owned toy company in the United States is Galaxy Toys, Inc. They were founded in Toledo, Ohio in 1956 by George and Nan Jepson who later partnered with Jack Mercury. Today, Galaxy Headquarters is still located in Toledo, Ohio. Since their humble begging’s they have added several factories in Daytona, Florida, Huntsville, Alabama, White Plains and Jerez, Mexico. Their vision to “create toys that inspire children all over the globe to dream of space exploration and provide a yearning to achieve that dream” has inspired them to look for a new innovative way to stay competitive in this fast moving, fast growing, and technically expanding industry. With the help of their VP of Productions, Keith Wisternick …show more content…

(MANAGEMENT FUNCTIONS, n.d.) Additionally, the manager must also ensure that the specialization of job design remains balanced as to not cause a narrowing affect. (MANAGEMENT FUNCTIONS, n.d.)
During the organizing phase, the production manager Itza Yu must address five major issues before production can start. First, Itza must ensure that the organization structure is adequate. (Writer, 2010) He needs to review materials and job duties to ensure they are not wasteful and inefficient. (Writer, 2010) Secondly, Itza needs to harness the experience, which means analyze his teams functions in order group them together in the appropriate department so he get the most out their experiences to accomplish the project. Thirdly, to make sure the best decisions are made regarding the organizational structure, it is important that Itza organizes all pertinent information and cautiously examine if it matches the organizations goals. (Writer, 2010) Fourth, Itza has to communicate the operational procedures, set by the organizations executives, to subordinates. Lastly, Itza need to address the span of control for the production team regarding this project. He needs to ensure that the span of control matches the organizational structure so the company knows who is

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