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This essay discusses the role and function of Human Resource Management (HRM) within an organisation. The Harvard and Michigan models have been explained within the essay as they support the analysis of “soft” and “hard” HR approach that managers adapt when applying the HR policies to achieve different organisational strategies like diversification, acquisition and cost reductions. Subsequent section of the essay will examine the link between HRM and its strategies with examples taken from organisations like Harrods’ and Disney and institutes like NHS on how they use HR policies and strategies to achieve their organisational goals.
What is HRM?
Human Resource Management can be simply defined as the management of human …show more content…

By allocating a team to hire employees it makes the role of HRM much easier and efficient. This allows them to address the policies implemented much effectively. Human Resource Management covers four main areas; employee influence, work systems, human resource flow and reward management. Different roles of the HRM allows to manage the organisation thus fulfilling the assigned areas. One key role of HRM is the executive role, where the managers are viewed as specialists that encompass Human resources or people management. The audit role are concerned with the company’s HR policy thus checks the organisation to ensure all HR policies such as health & safety, staff appraisals are being implemented. The Management Information System in Harrods undertakes the facilitator role of the HRM, which helps or facilitate other departments to achieve the organisational strategy through the HR policies implemented. This in turn allows Harrods to maintain its identity as a Top Employer. Similarly the People Support team could be classed with the consultancy and service roles, allowing the department to act as internal consultants offering expertise, advice and assistance to line managers and other staff in order to achieve the organisational objective. (Brockbank, 2008). This ensures that the HRM values the importance of discretion, compliance and unwavering support.
Different models have been introduced to describe the role of HRM, which categorises the “soft” or the “hard” approach

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