The Role Of Leadership Style Of Change

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Fostering change in the work place is an aspect that every manger will face in their career. Changes often lead too many discussions with our employees and as a manager or a leader how we foster change directly impacts the business and careers of others; ultimately, their success is your success. Your personal management or leadership style of change will directly impact the company’s profit margin and may determine if you retain key talent in your organization. There are many aspects of change and it not the intention to discuss every philosophical approach. It is to focus on how we personally accept change, how as a managers or leaders we administer that change, and finally, how we prepare for the next change to come.
Although change is inevitable and often required, change can be one of the single most important processes as humans we go through. Before we look at change in the work place, let’s look at ourselves and how we handle a simple change. Suppose you were asked to process events and actions quickly in real-time and manage through that change. You’re diving down the highway and you have the road mostly to yourself. You’re noticing the beauty of the countryside when out of nowhere a speeding truck runs a stop sign from a side road and cuts you off! You feel threatened; Why, because someone invaded your space? Possibly, it was due to a lack of respect by the other driver placing you in a position of no control. Like most of us, you reached a state of being

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