The Role Of Macro Environment On The Tourism Marketing Operations Of The Nan Tien Temple

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Describe: This is a photograph of the Nan Tien Temple, located in Berkeley, Wollongong. Originally opened in 1995, it has become a prominent tourist spot in Wollongong due to its striking Chinese based architecture, and religious significance. Its prominence is also enhanced by it being the largest Buddhist temples located in the Southern hemisphere. Analyse: The Nan Tien Temple offers a number of services to the tourist marketing segment. They offer planned retreats for people with an interest in Chinese culture. They have classes at the temple which have a Chinese focus, including: t’ai chi, meditation and calligraphy. Tourists are also offered accommodation options on the same grounds if they’re looking to stay in the area, as well as conference facilities and weddings. The Macro-Environment plays a role on the tourism marketing operations of the Nan Tien Temple, and its opportunities and threats to its sustainability. Currently the Nan Tien Temple’s website is very outdated, with a limited online booking system, hindering how they can plan/use online technologies to market their attraction. By having tours conducted by employees they limit the amount of people who go through the area every day, and allow for sustainability, through less damage by having limit number of group tours. Having group tours benefits the site by allowing money to go back into maintaining the grounds, and improving the site.
Reflect: The Nan Tien Temple is one of the largest tourist attractions
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