The Role Of Nurses And Their Effects On Society

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David Jones Bonham English 12 The Role of Doctors in Society Doctors have had a significant influence on society for several years. It is part of every doctor’s role to help the community. Without doctors diseases would be more common and almost impossible to get rid of. A lot more people would die from easily treatable or curable diseases. Doctors save lives. They can prescribe medications that change life for the better while some have to perform risky operations on injured patients. When faced with difficulties, they have to make vital decisions to help patients. Sometimes doctors have to work under extreme pressure. Every day someone has to depend on a doctor to enhance his or her life by curing ailments. Even without a cure, doctors can make ailments bearable. Medical professionalism has been around for thousands of years and is still significant in today’s society. Doctors can also aid patients by helping them learn about diseases. By educating patients on prevention, disease, and treatment, [doctors] empower them to include scientific thought in key decisions that affect their own care (Bokoch 16). Patients can use this information to prevent diseases from returning. Anyone can see that doctors have an important role in the community. A doctor’s main roles in society are to improve the health of the public, control outbreaks of disease, and to lengthen the lives of patients. Doctors are capable of greatly enhancing the health of a community’s people. They help

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