The Role Of Pediatric Nurses And How They Impact Their Clients Essay

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According to Wong’s Essentials of Pediatric Nursing, the main goal of a pediatric nurse is to improve and promote the quality of health and wellbeing of a child. (Hockenberry, 2012). Pediatric nurses work with children of all ages in a variety of settings, such as the intensive care unit, emergency department, surgical floor, and basic inpatient settings where they promote and improve children’s health and wellbeing through various treatments and support. The purpose of this paper is to understand the roles of pediatric nurses and how they impact their clients. Since child illness is delicate and complex, it not only impacts the child, but also their family, thus leading to the main question being studied: how does the role of a pediatric nurse impact the family of the child? The resources being academic or peer reviewed articles and journals were gathered through reliable search engines, Google Scholar and Elsevier. In order to narrow down findings, a variety of abstracts were reviewed and the top three holding the most relevant, qualitative information were chosen. The journal by Kuo, D. Z (2012) describes the idea behind family-centered care and the importance of including the family in the decision making process between the healthcare team and the patient. They found that when nurses are present, the rounds are more productive if the family is involved in decisions, and when nurses use accessible language. It is essential to include both the child and family in care
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