The Role Of Social Media In American Democracy

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The 45th president Donald Trump had a long journey to get to the point he is now and the struggle of American citizens of the United States accepting him. The media is not helpful President Trump is always being denounced, reworded, and despised. Topics that are typically controversial usually about gay rights, women's rights, and racism are always picked out, and used against him and the media feeds off it and then takes the info and feeds it to the citizens. Some journalist that speaks the truth believe Donald Trump did everything right and rightfully won the election. Other American citizens get angry and start violent protests. Our Democracy allows other ways to state your opinion and bring change to the Presidency without violent protests.
In American Democracy we have the option to participate in the civil society and in open voluntary organizations. In social media there are open groups on Facebook where people with the same opinions can go online and discuss ways to improve the …show more content…

Many people feel like he hasn't done anything to bring the country together. As of now the only things that have happened is violent protests, hate messages, and vandalism. Philip Bump from the Washington Post says all of the violent protests and vandalism has added up to be a grand total of 57.4 million dollars. As American citizens, people need to see the other ways to get change. The democracy is by the people and for the people. Americans can bring the change participate during voting times, peaceful protests, and talk to others. More can change when government officials aren't worried about violent protests all over the country. After President Trumps term get out and vote. Make sure later in elections and polls, participate and educate yourself on what you believe in and what you are voting

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