The Role Of Socialization On Our Development As A Human Being Essay

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Cognition plays a very important role in a person’s life. Cognition can be simply put as the mental capacities, associated to how humans can acquire, store, and retrieve information. In other words, cognition can be portrayed as something a person can recognize, understand, and feel. During class, we came across Dorothy Dinnerstien’s seven features of human cognition, which are; motivated, flexibly focused, structured, layered, affectively tinged, self-reflective, and social which has helped us understand the impact of cognition on our daily lives. We have seen illustrations of these seven features by watching the movies; The Wild Child, The Pawnbroker, and Dr. Strangelove and by reading the articles “On Memory and Childhood Amnesia,” “The Transformation of Man”, and “Reflections: Prologue of Our Time.” By watching those three films and reading those three articles, we have come to realize the influence of socialization on our development as a human being. The first feature of human cognition is motive. In order for humans to survive in an environment, one must have a motive, like a driving force, in everything we do such as if we need to pass a class you must study hard to earn that A, if one wants to learn how to drive a car, they have to find their own way to learn how to drive a car and so on. The movie, The Wild Child, provides a good illustration for this feature of cognition. Victor was found by himself struggling to survive because he had no communication with

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