The Role Of Sports Coach A Good Leader

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An important role of a sports coach is to be a motivator. A motivator is someone who encourages and creates an incentive for someone, such as a performer, to do well. A motivator may prompt a performer by emphasising their progress in a positive way such as praising them on a good performance therefore inspiring them to want to do well again. An example of a motivator would be Kelly Holmes. Not only has she achieved gold in both the 1400m and the 800m in the 2004 Athens Olympics but she has set up the ‘Dame Kelly Holmes Trust’ which engages with more than 3,000 vulnerable young people aged between 16 and 25 and provide them with a stepping stone into community sport. Leader: Another important role is to be a good leader. A leader is…show more content…
In the picture to the right it shows ex-white sox bullpen coach and pitching coach, Juan Nieves for the red sox, fist bump in a friendly manor. Responsibilities Management and planning: A coach has a lot of aspect to manage and plan, from equipment and the facility to transport and competitions. Many sport accidents occur as a result of activities taking place in unsafe or inappropriate facilities. Learning to recognize potentially dangerous situations is therefore an important responsibility for any coach. Prior to the start of the season the coach should ensure that the facility meets minimum safety standards and also plan that the facility should be inspected regularly and maintained in safe condition. A coach should also undertake an accurate equipment inventory at the start of the season to establish the status of equipment and ensure that the correct amount of protective equipment is available and that the equipment fits their participants. A coach should be also able to find appropriate competitions for participants and arrange transport to and from sports events. Without organising to go to competitions participants wouldn’t be put to their sporting limit and tested to see where they need to improve to succeed. Also without planning to compete in competitions the performers may become bored as they don’t have a
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