The Role of Federal Agencies in Fighting Digital Crime

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The Secret Service, FBI, Department of Homeland Security, and other law enforcement agencies have similar challenges when fighting computer crimes and terrorism due to the recent development of computer technologies as well as constant threats. Federal law enforcement agencies and local law enforcement agencies have different responsibilities that work independently instead of on the same level, which can make it difficult to coordinate and cooperate to fight against computer crimes and terrorist threats. Local law enforcement agencies deal with more challenges than federal law enforcement agencies, which includes getting the necessary training, equipment, updated criminal codes designed to complement current enforcement efforts, and resources. The lack of training in computer crimes for most of local law enforcement agencies is a serious issue when trying to prosecute computer crimes. Untrained patrol officers can easily destroy computer evidence by accident, and cause the criminal to go free because there is no evidence linking the computer crime to the criminal. Local law enforcement agencies aren’t capable of deciphering encrypted computer evidence as federal law enforcement agencies are due to the fact that they don’t receive enough funding to get equipment to read encrypted evidence. The constant changes in computer technology have hindered legislative attempts to pass laws that are current and can apply it to the use of these new technologies. Computer crimes would be

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