The Roles Of The Team Development And Ibarra And Hunter 's Forms Of Networking Essay

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Introduction The role of teams in the workplace is becoming increasingly important, hence, it is necessary to study ability to work effectively in a team. While studying Managing Organising and People paper, it was a great opportunity to gain deeper insight into some principles during classroom sessions, in preparing and delivering group presentation. Key learning drawn out from this team experience will able to apply to my career and personal development. This paper will analyse based on Schwarz’s Group Effectiveness Model with three factors of group process, structure, and content. Group process I will review two different theories, Tuckman and Jensen’s stage of team development and Ibarra and Hunter’s forms of networking. Tuckman and Jensen’s stage of team development Forming stage In this stage, I and the other members found and set a suitable goal which is to get at least B score in the presentation. Because we did not know each other well and how to work together as a team, there was discomfort and confusion in the team. Icebreaker activities are important in the first team meeting in order to develop our relations (Higgins, 2014). We have short conversations to hear stories about our lives. This was a crucial starting point to have team cohesiveness. Defining the way how to reach this goal and group norms was also a major step in the early of teamwork. Through these activities, we understand each other, how to work together, and how to solve any conflict.
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