The Root Causes Of Human Trafficking

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Human Trafficking is a complex phenomenon that derived from different factors such as social, political, economy and culture (Bales, 2007). However, some factors are specific to a place or individual therefore, in addressing the root causes of Human Trafficking, understanding the context is essential (Kim and Chang, 2007). The root causes of trafficking have been identified through micro and macro perspectives. The rational theory explains trafficking on the individual level, it stated that the decision of people movement is based on the cost-benefit analysis (Lanier & Henry, 2004). Human is a rational being that always strive to what is benefiting to them including to commit crime. The benefit that outweigh the consequences of crimes could be the reason people engage in trafficking. Furthermore, in the integrated global market, the opportunity of better job and living standard have attracted people to move. The huge demand of both licit and illicit product and services can lead to trafficking. For example, the increasing number of entertainment industries in urban cities required more women to be hired and for this reason unemployment youth may willing to involve in trafficking circle. However, Gallagher argue that the movement of the people is not always opportunity-seeking purposes but survival reason for instance, because of conflict or discrimination where their life might be in danger (Gallagher, 2002). Hence, the victim vulnerability is resulting from their
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