The Rush Limbaugh Argument Essay

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Today, it is very easy to believe anything seen on the internet. With numerous resources available instantaneously, it is impossible to know which ones are misleading, and which ones are legitimate. In the end, it all comes down to being able to distinguish a fake source, from a real source. The article that was published on the pbs website, named, “Column: The tax rules that let real estate…”, written by Steven M. Rosenthal is a credible article. The reason being is because the article itself is published in a news website that is highly trusted by people who tune into pbs as a reliable news source. Another reason that makes this source real is because at the end of this article, an author is mentioned along with his position and works; this portion indicates that he knows what he is talking about and has a very good understanding in regards of this topic. Also, the article is based solidly on facts and gives credit to these facts from its original source. The article that was published on rush Limbaugh website, named, “Flashback: Hillary suggested Trump paid no Taxes”, is right off the top, not reliable. When configuring whether a source is reliable or not, a well-suited author. This article is missing that. Another reason to raise …show more content…

When examining The Rush Limbaugh Show to a reliable resource such as pbs, there is a noticeable difference. Within these two articles, The Rush Limbaugh Show is claiming specific numbers towards Trump taxes, but nowhere does it say where these numbers were pulled from. Even the way that it is written is based off on opinion “In fact, of the $38 million, $35 million, whatever that number is that Trump paid in taxes, $31 million of it is the alternative minimum tax…” On the pbs article, there are numbers mentioned within the article and within the article there are hyperlinks in sentences where you can click to further confirm where these facts come

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