The Russian Military Involvement And The Actions Taken By The United States

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Although Russia formally denied any military involvement in Ukraine, soldiers in unmarked Russian fatigues entering the Crimean peninsula and the “accidental” placement of artillery pieces beyond the Russo-Ukrainian border didn’t make it very hard to figure out who was responsible for the invasion of Crimea. Everyone’s theories were proven true when Russian President Vladimir Putin officially announced that the Russian Federation was annexing the Crimean Peninsula from the Ukrainian government. In this paper, I will discuss the Russian military involvement in Ukraine and the actions taken by the United States and Canada in response to these activities from the perspective of Mearsheimer’s five tenets of offensive neorealism.
On November 21, 2014, Ukrainian president Viktor Yanukovich announced that Ukraine would be severing trade ties with the European Union, favouring a closer relationship with the Russian Federation and president Vladimir Putin. This decision caused severe unrest throughout Ukraine, resulting in nation-wide protests and violence from the Ukrainian people. In December, a large demonstration of around 300,000 people took place in the independence square in Kiev, which ended in the city hall being taken by the activists. Following this, Putin releases a plan to buy $15 billion in Ukrainian government bonds and make price cuts to Natural Gas costs for Ukraine. In response to the protests and demonstrations, the Ukrainian government passed anti-protest laws in…
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