The SISGI Group

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Organization History and Background The SISGI Group is a hybrid company consisting of a consulting and research firm plus a nonprofit organization. The consulting part of the SISGI group is a limited liability company that focuses on research and consulting with a specialization in nonprofits and social venture capacity building. The SISGI Beyond Good Ideas Foundation is the 501 © 3 charitable and nonprofit part of the SISGI Group. The charitable part of this organization is comprised of internship programs, educational resources, and collaborative work. It also consists of awarding organizations and individuals who want to make a lasting social change for free and low cost consulting services. The organizations corporate domain is in New…show more content…
The ISC is the subsystem we will focus on and it will be where we will incorporate are intervention. The purpose of the ISC is to be an educational resource for organizations or individuals to increase their professional development and training. Then it has three different ways you can access the different courses, you can go to the online learning center which provides trainings and certificates for your organization. The next one is a custom course development where you can send your information to SISGI and get the courses that are custom for your employees of your organization. Lastly, their open enrollment courses for individuals to purchase so they can support their own personal professional…show more content…
In this course there will be 20 slides on workplace bullying, there will be two knowledge checks, a multimedia video, and a 10 question quiz to show what the trainees have learned from the training. Workplace bullying affects the organization, the workers, and the productivity of the organization however even with more research that has been done it’s still oversimplified and misunderstood situation that occurs in organizations (Branch, Ramsay, & Barker, 2013). There are some organizations that may overlook bullying because they think that competiveness and bullying are interchangeable and these are not interchangeable words. There is a distinct difference, most people have some competitive streak in them, and not all people have a bullying streak. Competiveness helps workers in organizations get quotas done in time and help push coworkers to do their absolute best but bullying make cause workers to do less than their best which then affects the productivity and work
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