The Safety For Illegal Aliens

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Safety for Illegal Aliens From January to August 2014 over 200 sanctuary cities released some 8,145 illegal aliens despite the fact that they were being held on criminal charges. Of those over 8,000 released, 1,800 of them were charged with crimes such as rape and child sex abuse (‘Sanctuary City’ Crime Wave in 43 States). Although there is no clear definition of “sanctuary city” each of these cities generally have laws that limit how far government employees and law enforcement officials are allowed to go to aid the federal government on immigration matters. Sanctuary cities should be outlawed because they go against federal law, the release of criminals are endangering the public, and negative effects it has on the economy. Sanctuary …show more content…

So apparently in reality, funding cuts won’t do much to stop these cities from resisting ICE. Something needs to be done in order to prevent these cities and their politicians from resisting the federal law and ICE. Not only are these cities resisting federal law, they are also endangering their own citizens who live there as well. On July 1, 2015 in San Francisco, CA, a well known sanctuary city, Kathryn Steinle (32), was shot and killed while walking with her father by an undocumented illegal alien Juan Francisco Lopez-Sanchez. Before his arrest after killing Steinle, “Lopez-Sanchez had been convicted of seven felonies and been deported five times” (‘Sanctuary Cities: How Kathryn Steinle’s death’). Lopez-Sanchez had been in prison following his fifth deportation for re-entering the country, but was transferred from Victorville, CA to San Francisco because of an outstanding drug related charge despite the fact that he had an immigration detainer. However, San Francisco’s DA refused to prosecute him over a “decade-old marijuana possession case” (‘Sanctuary Cities: How Kathryn Steinle’s death’), and Lopez-Sanchez was released in April 2015. ICE had made a request to know when Lopez-Sanchez would be released from prison, so that he could be

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