The Salvation Army: The Salvation Army

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There is over 500,000 americans that are homeless right now. The Salvation Army is trying to bring this number down in any way possible. The Salvation Army does much more than just help the homeless, they help anyone in need. The Salvation Army has been around for over 150 years and it is all over the world. Anyone can help the Salvation Army by donating time, money, or goods. The Salvation Army is a great charity because of it’s rich history, all the lives it’s changed, the services they offer, and because anybody can help. The Salvation Army was founded by a man named William Booth in 1865. Booth was a member of christian church in the UK and he was inspired to help the world. The Salvation Army’s mission is to preach the gospel of Jesus Christ, and meet the needs of humans without discrimination (Giles). Since 1865 the Salvation Army has expanded greatly and is now worldwide. The Salvation Army is in 93 countries, and has over 1.5 million members. They have a total of 7,619 centers in operation today, and are always expanding to meet people’s needs (Matthews).…show more content…
The Salvation Army has raised the third largest amount of money by a private charity, as of 2012 (Flandez). None of this could have been done without donations and volunteer work by regular citizens. The Salvation Army raised four million dollars in 2014 alone (The Salvation Army 2015 Annual Report). 82% of all donations are spent on aiding people in need, but 100%of donations go to aiding people during disaster relief efforts (Ellis). Donations made to the Salvation Army stay in the community that they were donated, this helps keep money in the local economy and helps ensure that donations are going to help people
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